(a) In case no agreement has been reached between the Company and the Client related to the fees at time of confirming the work request or negotiating about the Contract, the fees of the Company will be according to the relevant standard rates (liable to amendment), and the Client should bear all the chargeable taxes, when required.

(b) Unless a shorter period has been determined on the Invoice, the Client should pay directly all the fees matured to the Company, within a period of no more than /30/ days from the date of the relevant Invoice or within any other period which the Company may determine on the Invoice (maturity date). In case of not doing so, the Company will have the right to claim the Client for an interest at a rate of 1 % per month (or at any other rate to be determined by the Company on the Invoice), starting from the maturity date on the Invoice and until the actual date of payment inclusive; the rate should not exceed 9 % annually.

(c) The Client will have no right to suspend or postpone the payment of any sum matured to the Company, on the basis of the existence of a dispute or a counterclaim or the setoff claimed by the Client against the Company.

(d) The Company will have the right (if required) to lodge a lawsuit for collecting the unpaid fees from the Client, before any competent Court.

(e) The Client should also pay all the collection charges incurred on the Company, including the lawyer’s fees and the relevant expenses.

(f) In case any “unanticipated” problem or expenses have arisen during the performance of the services, the Company will have the right to claim and to collect extra fees to cover the time to be taken and the surcharges to be incurred on it, needed for the completion of the services. In case the Client has not confirmed these extra fees, the Company will have the right not to complete the works requested from it, and the Client will have no right then to claim the Company for any defect or damage to result from its non-completion of the works entrusted to it.

(g) In case the Company has failed to perform all the services or part thereof for whatever reason out of the control of the Company, including the Client’s non-commitment to any of his obligations stated in Article “3” above, the Company will have the right to collect:

1- The value of the non-refundable expenses incurred on the Company.

2- The rate of the fees agreed upon equivalent to the portion of the actually performed services.