Any dispute that may arise from the execution of the works and the services by the Company to the Client:

1- In case the Company’s Office or Agent has executed the works for a client who has a registered Office in the same Country where the Company’s Office or Agent is registered, then the settlement of the disputes between the two Parties will be based on the Laws of the Country where the Offices of the two parties in dispute are registered. The competent Courts in the Country are to settle this dispute.

2- Unless specifically agreed to otherwise, all the disputes arising from or related to the contractual relations in accordance with the Conditions, will be subjected to the Syrian Basic Laws, with the exception of the Provisions related to the Contradiction in the Laws, and they are to be settled in a final way in accordance with the procedures of Syrian Arbitration Law (Law No.9 – year 2008) by one arbitrator.
Arbitration is to be conducted in the Syria and in Arabic Language.