The Client should:

(a) Give adequate instructions, information and documents to the Company in due course (and in all cases, before no less than 48 hours from the requested service) in order to enable the Company to perform its duties as per Item 2(a).

(b) To secure the safe access of the Representative(s) of the Company to the places where the services will be performed, and to take whatever necessary to overcome and / or eliminate any obstacles that may lead to the non-performance of the services requested from the Company or to the occurrence of interruptions. In case there is any especial equipment a/o staff required to perform the service, the Client has to provide the Company with them & by agreement with the Company.

(c) Notify the Company “in advance” about any anticipated risks or dangers, existing actually or probable, associated with the work of the Company with him and / or its handling of his consignment, his samples or the tests related to him, including but not limited to the radiation risks, dangerous, toxic or explosive elements or materials, environmental or toxic pollution.

(d) Ensure taking all the precautions necessary and required for the safety of the Representative(s) of the Company, and also meeting all the safety requirements and conditions at the work sites and facilities during the performance of the services, without waiting for any advice and / or consultation from the Company.