(a) Limits of Responsibility:

1- The Company is not considered as an Insurer or a Guarantor for any loss and / or damage resultant, from any reason a/o nature and it does not acknowledge of any responsibility in this capacity.

2- The Certificate of the Company is to be issued on the basis of the information and / or documents and / or samples presented by the Client or on his behalf, exclusively in favor of the Client who will be fully responsible for taking whatever he deems appropriate based on this Certificate. Neither the Company, nor any of its personnel, employees, agents nor its subcontractors will be considered responsible towards the Client or any third party for any steps and/or legal actions that may or may not be taken based on the Certificate of the Company, and neither for any incorrect results arising from ambiguous, wrong, incomplete, misleading or false information provided by the Client.

3- The Company will bear any responsibility for any delay in performing the services or for not performing the services totally or partially, if resultant directly or indirectly from reasons out of the control of the Company, including the Client’s non-fulfillment of his obligations in accordance with this Service Conditions.

4- The responsibility of the Company regards any claim for loss, damage or expenses of whatever nature or origin will be restricted to a value that does not exceed in any case a total sum equivalent to 10 times the value of the chargeable fees paid by the Client for the requested determined service about which such a claim has arisen, or 20000,00 US Dollars (twenty thousand US Dollars) or its equivalent in the local currency, whichever is lesser.

5- The Company would not bear any responsibility for indirect or consequent loss (including loss of profit).

6- In case the Client has lodged any claim, he should address a written notice to the Company, within /30/ days from discovering the facts which he alleges to justify such a claim. In all cases, the Company will be considered released from all its responsibilities towards the Client for all the claims for the loss, damage or expenses, unless the claim has been lodged within one year from:

(1) The date of the Company’s execution of the determined works from which the claim has arisen, or

(2) The date at which such works had been expected to be completed, in case of allegation for non-execution.

(b) Compensations:

The Client undertakes to hold the Company, its officers in charge, personnel, agents or subcontractors harmless from any lawsuit for any claim or demand (actual or anticipated) to be lodged by others for the loss, damage or expenses of whatever nature, including litigation expenses and others arising from or related to the execution, alleged execution or non-execution of any of the services.