Our audit services will assist your organization in implementing the best up-to-the-minute strategies and practices to ensure that your products and services meet customer requirements while being in line with global market regulations and standards.

Why Choose Global Surveys?

When choosing our company, we will benefit your businesses by:

  • Ensuring a supplier has the prerequisite competence, compliance and capability to meet contractual requirements
  • Finding low-risk sources for high-quality goods and services
  • Spotting the areas of non-compliance and recommend relevant action to keep your businesses safe
  • Measuring the quality of sales, services, job performance, and regulatory compliance.

Second-Party Audit

Independent evaluation of a supplier’s quality management system, processes, and products. to provide the client with an independent assessment of the supplier’s quality and capabilities.

These include reviewing documentation, observing processes, conducting interviews, testing products, analyzing non-conformance reports, and reviewing performance data to assist our client to make informed decisions about the supplier’s capabilities, reduce the risk of product or service failure and to ensure that products and services meet the desired standards.

Facility Hygiene Audit

Our facility hygiene audit system addresses the need of all interested customers in the retail, facilities and hospitality industries with regard to safe food practices implementation, monitoring of good hygiene standards and staff hygiene compliance. This service guarantees all the needed enhancements to your hygiene practices and ensures a high level of cleanliness and assesses the cross-contamination risk.