Our fumigation service ensure the complete eradication of grain insects stored by applying an aluminum phosphide gas to a specific volume penetrating bulk cargo, bagged cargoes, cracks and all the fumigated area.

As per need the chosen gas will control all types of grain insects stored present in every stage of their life cycle in the treated areas without affecting the humans, environment or food qualities.

Our Fumigation Services cover:

  • Goods under sheets
  • Goods at ship’s hold
  • Goods inside containers
  • Goods inside silos
  • Goods inside warehouses

Why to choose Global Surveys?

  1. Guaranteed to eliminate of all unwanted species in the fumigated area.
  2. Very cost effective service and economical when compared to repetitive spraying methods.
  3. Highest quality of service to ensure both safe and effective results.
  4. Highly trained technical team.