We assist our clients in pinpointing and addressing vulnerabilities in their systems in order to improve overall security.

Our vulnerability assessment service involves identifying, evaluating and prioritizing vulnerabilities within your systems. This process can include scanning networks and applications, analysing configurations or settings, and performing security assessments to discover vulnerabilities.

What Is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is a systematic approach to identifying, quantifying, and ranking the vulnerabilities in a system. These vulnerabilities can exist in various parts of a system, including its physical design, hardware, software, and even how people use and manage it.

Global Surveys Approach to Vulnerability Assessment

The process involves identifying potential weaknesses and assessing their potential impact. Our team of experts will use statics and automated testing tools to scan systems for known vulnerabilities.

The objective is to ensure your digital assets are fortified against cyber threats, providing peace of mind and a secure foundation for your business growth.

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Proactive Security: Identifying vulnerabilities, proactively addressing and preventing potential threats.
  • Compliance: Regular assessments ensure adherence to regulatory standards by showcasing implemented security measures.
  • Risk Mitigation: Prioritizing actions to reduce risks according to severity and consequences.
  • Strategic Planning: Strategizing upgrades and keeping security documentation up-to-date.

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