Constructions Supervision

We provide an experienced team of experts who can perform professional construction supervision, tailored to assure the successful completion of your project. We guarantee thorough supervision and control of every aspect of your construction work while meeting all the up-to-date regulations and quality standards.

Rehabilitation Supervision

The processes of rehabilitation is an ally of sustainability through restoration, renovation, maintenance and retrofitting. With the help of our team of experts, our rehabilitation supervision services aim to increase the level of quality of buildings and construction sites, and achieve compliance with functional requirement standards.
Damage Inspection for Buildings and Infrastructure
We offer this service to help you factually assess the condition of your building and infrastructure, as well as any potential levels of damage and their root causes. In addition, we provide recommendations relating to the maintenance, repair or disposal of all infrastructure and building components, and the actions that need to be taken for the minimization of damage, with all data later issued in a survey report.

Concrete Testing

Since concrete is manufactured from a range of raw materials, it is vital that the right mix of these materials is applied to your construction works. Through our concrete testing service, we offer you a professional team of inspectors and modern testing methods that comply with international standards. Using these methods, we help you reach a level of control over concrete quality throughout your construction timeline.

Soil Testing

Without soil testing, buildings would be exposed to unknown dangers and potentially fatal results. That is why we offer this service by identifying the chemical and geotechnical properties of the soil such as strength, density, compaction, contamination, organics, as well as its capacity to support the structure of any building, further assuring your construction planning and sustainability. This service also includes inspecting the various types and locations of soil on your construction site.

Health, Safety and Environment Management

Through this service, we are responsible for the implementation of the health, safety and environment management system of your staff and clients with the aim to minimize workplace risks. Our team of experts will assist any construction company, building commissioner or contractor in various regional locations.