Global Surveys provides various services and options to meet client’s needs for measuring guest satisfaction and identify gaps in expectation and take the necessary remedial action.

  • On-site mystery shopping
  • Telephone mystery shopping.
  • Web-mystery shopping.
  • Applications mystery shopping.

We help our clients reach and maintain professional standards and practices. In addition to allow the implementation of ethical behavior, instruction of providers and their employees, clients and independent contractors.

We provide services to many business lines, including hotels, restaurants, travel, banks financial institutions, home furnishings, health centers, pet services, theme parks, and general retail. Also, we are always willing to give our clients a free consultation to discuss the service needs and helps them figure out if the mystery shopper program is right for their business, based on budget and objectives.

Providing excellent customer service is a vital factor in business, based on several points:

  • Finding out “What” customer’s expectations are and training client’ staff to meet those expectations which leads to growing the business.
  • Determining the level of service your employees currently provide.
  • Addressing those expectations and implementing the appropriate employee training to meet those expectations consistently.

Additionally, it is essential to remain attentive to how customers are served because most retail and service businesses rely on employees.

We helping the client to finding out who are the typical customers and how they prefer to be served. what you can do to “Exceed” their expectations is the main key to provide “Outstanding Customer Service.”

Staff Training
Well trained employees can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, which will help your organization to grow and succeed. Taking into consideration that each employee makes a big difference in how your customers think about your business and how well they are treated when they need help.
The success of your company depends on the growth of your employees.
Your company will do the same if your employees are growing and thriving. When you invest in your employees’ training, you ensure the good communication with your customers and the high level of service your staff provides. Training your employees is the right investment to increase the morale, confidence, customer satisfaction, sales, and productivity.

Mystery Shoppers
We have mystery shopping, merchandising, and on-site evaluation opportunities throughout the Middle East, and North Africa. Join our evaluators that have registered on our platform, performing evaluations across the MENA. If you are a reliable, articulate, observant person, we invite you to register with GS Mystery Shoppers by signing up now.
To be successful Mystery Shopper:

Only evaluations that you are completely comfortable with will be accepted.

  • If you are given an evaluation to review, make sure to read over everything included in the evaluation form, including the attachments. You may also want to read over the overview to get a better understanding of the evaluation.
  • Every time you are assigned a task, you make sure you follow the specific instructions from your client.
  • Do the evaluation on the date agreed and finish it on time.
  • Always keep your profile up to date.
  • You should generally enjoy interacting with people
  • You have a good memory for small details and are very good at observing things.
  • Having great communication skills means being able to write and speak clearly.
  • Having a computer means you can check your email often.
  • Have reliable internet access and transportation, you need to have a reliable internet connection and a vehicle.
  • Have a way to take.
  • If you have any questions or problems, please talk to your Coordinator.

Evaluations can help you:

  • Make extra money.
  • Many opportunities to work with clients include reimbursement for the cost of the meal or the purchased item.
  • You get to choose the opportunities that fit your time.
  • Your feedback about the client’s service will help improve it.
  • By learning new information and skills, you can improve your knowledge and abilities.
  • As an Independent Evaluator, you can choose which opportunities you want to evaluate.

If you are willing to be a member of our team, Apply to our Mystery Shopping Agent program.