At Global Surveys, we focus on delivering the highest level of 3rd party testing, inspection and certification services to a variety of sectors and industries. Our work revolves around granting consumer protection, improving efficiencies, and navigating global market requirements. Therefore, we play a critical role in virtually all economic fields.

Why Choose Global Surveys?

When we present these services, you gain the following benefits:

  • Competence: experienced and professional staff and network
  • Accreditation: internationally recognized certifications and accreditations
  • Flexibility: ability to tailor services to match the requirements of a client at competitive rates
  • Supervision: guidance through local and international market inspection procedures
  • Integrity: protection of your business reputation
  • Reactiveness: rapid proactive responses at all stages
  • Accessibility: communicating and building relationships with our clients with utter transparency
  • Social Responsibility: authenticity that attracts the public’s recognition and trust

Mitigate the risks by ensuring comply with local and international standards rules & regulations.
Global Surveys employee taking notes on pad of self products
Ensure the quality of food & consumer products to meet customers’ expectations.
Aerial view of refinery plant,Industry Petrochemical at twilight
Ensure the efficiency of industrial operations, obtain and maintain control over international standards.
Global Surveys Inspector checking draft of a ship in sea port
Support business and protect interests, as our company is trusted among countless professional parties.
Global Surveys inspector working on a construction site
Perform a professional construction supervision, tailored to assure the successful completion of your project.