Our services ensure the quality and integrity of a wide range of consumer products including Softline, hardline, electrical and electronic products. In addition, through our reliable analytical services, we offer a complete range of food safety measures and sustainability solutions to improve food supply chain efficiency.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control services ensure that the ready-to-ship/shipped products are in conformity with contractual specifications, national or international standards at country of import.

The quality verification is a process of analyzing the taken samples at accredited laboratories. This service can be presented at any stage of the supply chain.

Quantity Control

Quantity Control means tallying of bags, boxes, packages or any other packaging type, and is performed by our experienced and trained tallymen. This service is usually offered to our customers for break bulk shipments as a tool to guarantee the actual number of items delivered into/from containers, vessels, trucks or any other means of transport.

Weight Control

Weight control of the shipment is weighing the means of transport both empty and gross at site of loading/discharge under the supervision of our experienced and trained inspectors to ascertain the actual weight delivered/received.

Our Weight Control service is a tool for our customers to verify the shipment weight delivered/received into/from containers, vessels, trucks or any other means of transport. Additionally, we conduct this service to check the individual weight of received packaged cargoes such as bags/boxes or any other packaging type.


Our Sampling service is a tool for our customers to check either onsite visual condition of their goods or its conformity to the contractual specifications, national or international standards, by analyzing the drawn samples at accredited laboratories.

Furthermore, our experienced and trained inspectors perform sampling at silos, warehouses, production lines sites or during loading/offloading from containers, vessels, trucks or any other means of transport. Sampling can be presented at any stage of the supply chain, and is always in accordance to the national or international standards.

Food Safety Program

This service is offered to our customers Identification and control of hazards in the production, manufacturing and handling of food as described in the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and GMP. Our target clients are food producers and distributors, catering businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

Through this service, we help our customers ensure whether or not raw material quality is in conformity with or not based on the agreed contract and if production will proceed on schedule. Initial Production Inspection is generally conducted once raw materials are received and the factory is ready to begin production.

During Production Inspection (DPI)

This service helps our customers in maintaining quality at every stage of the production process as our experts assess the quality of components, materials and products during manufacturing. On-site Product Inspection is performed when 20-80% of production is completed and packed. Moreover, inspection of randomly selected units from all completed batches of production verifies whether or not the factory is following original specifications, and if production is still on schedule.

Our DPI service keeps production on the right track as it ensures that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client and review the quality of all factors involved in production.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

We offer this service to our customers to help ensure that their products are consistent and compliant with country, industry or otherwise-specified requirements and that no critical, major or minor defects appear.

This inspection is carried out when the production of the total quantity of an order or partial delivery is completed. During final random inspections, our trained inspectors pull random samples of packed products.

Damage Surveys / Visual Inspection

We provide this service to our customers to sustain effective quality checking and control, resulting in highly efficient time management of their project, in addition to a factual, independent report in case of any damage detected which helps to determine the current condition of the goods, extent of damage and any possible cause of damage. Our inspectors are always ready to fully assess all details of your delivered goods.

Packing and Marking Inspection

We offer our Packing and Marking Inspection service to ensure that the ready-to-ship/shipped goods’ packaging and marking are in conformity with the contractual specifications, national or international standards, at country of import.

In addition, this service ensures maximum protection for goods against damage, breakage and pilferage during transport, storage and multiple handling, including handling by e.g. hoisting, lifting devices and forklift trucks. Furthermore, markings Inspection ensures quality and identify the different product properties in relation to specified parameters.

Loading / Offloading Supervision

We offer this service to our customers during loading, offloading or at any stage of supply chain of their commodities. It is a tool to ensure goods are correctly presented, properly handled and ready for transport by various means of transport such as containers, vessels or trucks.