We improve safety and support the credibility and reliability of industrial manufacturing. Our industrial services ensure the efficiency of industrial operations and allow asset owners to obtain and maintain control over their equipment, with thorough attention to international standards.

Inspection of hoisting and lifting equipment is an essential service offered by Global Surveys to assure safe and
In Global Surveys, we understand the importance of maintaining your equipment and ensuring that your drilling operations are
At Global Surveys, we provide Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to help identify and evaluate defects and discontinuities in
At Global Surveys, we provide pressure testing services to help you identify and address issues before they become
Our HVAC Testing and Commissioning services are designed to help ensure that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
Our vendor inspection services for final products or during fabrications in Global Surveys are essential step in ensuring
Pre-risk surveys are an essential part of risk management in any industrial or commercial setting. Our team of
Loading/ Unloading supervision is an important industrial service that we provide to ensure the safe and efficient loading
Damage survey is another type of inspection services provided by Global Surveys. It involves assessing the extent and
At Global Surveys, we are helping our clients to ensuring the quality and safety requirements of their product