GLOBAL SURVEYS Company’s technical and management departments with extra focus upon headquarter, is committed to apply Quality Management System to cope with the requirement of ISO9001:2015. As well as, to follow the legal and legislative prerequisites related to its field Of work and it always seeks continuous improvement in all working areas.

Global Surveys Company strives to achieve its goals, which include:

First- Customer satisfaction: which is done by below steps:

  • Focusing on their requirements, understanding and achieving them on time, and working to achieve their expectations from the company.
  • Providing services in line with the Code of Ethics.

Second – Persistent development: Through the below:

  • Setting connected main targets for the different sections of company, all to serve the same purpose of achieving company’s general goals.
  • Improve the efficiency of the employees.

Third – To expand and develop the company’s business and increase interaction with all parties that have relevance to GS Company working scope.

Issue No.2 (14-01-2020)