Whether you’re working in finance, healthcare, e-commerce or any industry, complying with industry regulations and business standards became crucial aspect and mandatory. Over the years, information security has started to work its way into many compliance requirements, ensuring that businesses are putting in place relevant processes to identify, assess weaknesses across key areas of their operation.

What is Information Security Audit?

Our Information Security Audit is a meticulous examination of your organization’s digital environment, conducted with the precision and rigor you expect from us. We combine our established audit methodologies with cutting-edge cybersecurity practices to fortify your information infrastructure and comply with modern frameworks and standards.

Global Surveys Approach to Information Security Audit

At Global Surveys, we bring our proven audit approach to every Information Security Audit:

  • Scoping: Collaborate with your team to define the audit scope, ensuring comprehensive coverage of critical systems and data.
  • Assessment: Employ a combination of technical assessments, interviews, and documentation reviews to thoroughly evaluate your security controls.
  • Analysis: Analyse findings to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and ensure alignment with regulatory requirements.
  • Reporting: Deliver a detailed audit report, prioritizing recommendations and providing a roadmap for strengthening your security posture.
  • Follow-up: Provide ongoing support to guide the implementation of remediation measures and ensure effective resolution of identified issues.

Global Surveys Information Security Auditors

The knowledge gained from Global Surveys Information Security Audits helps our clients make more informed decisions about how to allocate budgets and resources in order to most effectively manage risk.

Our information security auditors work with the adequate knowledge of the audited organization, in order to understand the resources to be audited. We provide information security audit service complying with information security audit standards, guidelines, and best practices to assist your organization to ensuring that your information and digital environment are protected and controlled.

Benefits of Information Security Audit Service:

  • Compliance with Regulations: Helps avoid legal penalties by verifying adherence to laws and regulations.
  • Operational Efficiency: Audits can lead to better operational performance, resource management and opportunities to develop.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Regular audits can improve a company’s reputation and increase client’s confidence.
  • Business Continuity and Resilience: Critical for establishing a resilient infrastructure that can quickly recover from security incidents.
  • Assurance to Stakeholders: Offers transparency into the organization’s security measures, providing peace of mind to stakeholders.

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