(a) Unless agreed to otherwise in writing and except to the contrary to (1) the Regulations applied on the current services in favor of the Governments or the Governmental Authorities or any other public party, or
(2) the Mandatory Provisions of the Local Law, all the offers or the services and all the contractual relations resultant thereof between Global Surveys Company “G.S” or any of its Agents (each of them the “Company”) and the Client (“the Contractual Relations”), are subject to the Conditions of Service of Global Surveys Company “G.S” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Condition”).

(b)The Company has the right to provide services to persons or establishments (private or public) that issue work instructions to it, that will be called the “Client”.

(c)Unless the Company receives prior written instructions from the Client, the Client is the only party that has the right to give instructions to the Company particularly as regards the field of the required services, the handing over of the Certificates issued by the Company, keeping and handing over the samples and / or any other relevant instructions. The Client has the right, after issuing, the necessary written instructions to the Company, to authorize the Company irrevocably to hand over the Inspection and / or Test Certificates to others or as it deems appropriate when the circumstances, the commercial customs, the tradition or the procedures require so inclusive.